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The advance of the internet has strongly impacted the way how property developers reach potential home buyers. Home buyers nowadays use the internet as the medium to research and compare for their home or investment. Therefore, it is vital for property developers to integrate digital marketing strategies into their property marketing campaigns to effectively capture home buyers attention and trigger their most inspired emotions to engage with you.

Here are 4 digital marketing tips for your property marketing strategies.

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Make your property website stand out

The property industry is an extremely competitive market, your property website must be attractive and easy to find. Just like a display house with the best design and layout. Showing beneath competitors in a search result is a huge disadvantage for advertising your property development project. Identify the most commonly searched keywords to integrate into your property website. With a few tweaks to your property website, you could skyrocket your website traffic and substantially improve lead generation. The higher you rank on the search result, the more credibility you communicate to your home buyers.

We can also generate quality content to attract potential home buyers to your property website. For example, posting intriguing blog topics such as “Promising Investment Areas in Brisbane” or “What are the Invisible Traps of Purchasing Property” regularly can grab home buyers’ attention and keep them engaged. Search engines will acknowledge the traffic and grant your property website a higher rank on their search results.

Want to learn more about how to utilize SEO for your property website? Talk to a property marketing agency like Desketing to safeguard your competitive edge!

#2 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Expand the visibility of your property website

Besides SEO, Search Engine Marketing is put simply paid advertising on search engines and it is also a way to reach more potential home buyers.

Utilize your property website as the landing page, and you can create search or display Google AdWords campaign to promote certain property projects. The advantage of SEM is that it is highly flexible. You can decide the budget you wish to spend, you can decide when to start or pause the campaign, you can even allocate your budget strategically on different platforms to maximize your click-through-rate and conversion rate. SEM reports also provides insights into customer behaviour, giving you almost anything you wish to know about home buyers. The beauty of this is that it allows you to adjust your campaign according to the information you gathered. For example, if you identify that most of the clicks came from mobile devices, you might want to increase the bet on mobile so that your ad has a higher chance of standing out.

With years of experiences in helping property developers, we have a specific set of skills in identifying some popular keywords for property AdWords campaigns, as well as the technique to efficiently develop an AdWords campaign that produces significant results and conversion.

#3 Smart property website design – capture customer data

Say you did a good job at SEO / SEM and you appeared at the top of the search result, what is the next step to get your customers to engage with your brand and leave their information? The answer is simple, you need an engaging property website design. Besides providing information about your property projects, your property website design should also focus on another important element – Encourage home buyers to leave their contact details.

Provide information in a smart way
Home buyers who enter your property webpage desire for information about your projects. Make sure you give it to them in a smart way. Create a section in your property website design that requires viewers to enter their contact details for the exchange of information. The information can be a brochure for your new property project.

Besides offering information about your new project, you can also add value to your property website by giving home buyers something they are interested in. This can be an e-book regarding property trends, or even a beautifully designed brochure that highlights your project portfolio.

Check out the property website design for Ormi Terrace.

Avoid text heavy property website design
Property website design is all about capturing home buyers’ eyes with attractive images. Make sure the copy is succinct and relevant to the home buyers. The headline should grab the home buyers’ attention the moment they enter your property website. The body should be simple and to the point. If you are promoting a sale, make sure the copy communicates a sense of urgency. Also, remember to put a Call-to-Action (CTA) in your property website design to encourage conversion.

Simple, but attracting across different platforms
Amazing property photos are eye-catching to home buyers. However, make sure the images are not oversized, as it will slow down the loading speed of your property website. Also, as 89 percent of new home buyers are using mobile devices during the home buying process, remember to develop a mobile-friendly property landing page so you won’t lose these leads.

#4 Email marketing – Engage your potential home buyers

What is the first thing your potential home buyers do when they go to work every morning? The answer is simple, open their emails. Electronic direct mail (EDM) is vital in property marketing, as the average open rate for real-estate based emails is more than 20%. The high conversion rate comes with only a minor cost compared to other property marketing channels. Also, it allows you to send out EDM to the customer database that you acquired from the property website.

EDM is also an ideal way to promote your content, such as blogs or your new property projects. However, avoid making your EDMs too much about sales. You have to ask yourself how do the emails benefit your home buyers. Make it engaging and personal, use subject lines that are less spammy and address home buyers personally.

Once you build a sizeable email database, you can start several automated email campaigns regarding different information about your new project development. The trick of sending out automated EDM is to send out multiple emails featuring different topics at different times. As people nowadays spend only limited time on one email, this avoids cramming your EDM with too much information in one single email. In addition, this reminds home buyers about your project from time to time and further keeps them engaged.

The first EDM could include the design and layout of the project. Once home buyers have a bit of picture about the project, you can then send out your second EDM that features lifestyle and shops around your project, let them imagine what it will be like to live in the area and enjoy all the benefits around their new dream home. You can make your project more desirable by sending out your third EDM, which emphasises the convenient transportation around the area, such as the nearby train/bus stations or the accessibility to Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast highways. Finally, send out EDM that talks about investment numbers such as annual growth or rental yield to further convince home buyers that purchasing your project is one of the smartest decisions they ever made.

Never underestimate these emails, as they have high open and click-through rates because home buyers are interested in your project and want to learn more about it.

Want to build your customer database and send out results-driven EDMs? Engage with an experienced digital property marketing agency like Desketing to help you with property marketing! Contact us today.

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Property development is a challenging industry with a constantly changing environment. Property developers must always pay attention to the new emerging trends and technologies to adjust their property marketing strategy.

So how can you stand out in this competitive and ever-changing industry?

Here are a few tips to get you started.

#1 Identify the right buyer for your property development project

A common mistake is to market the property development to every kind of potential buyer. No property development can be all things to all people.

Instead, once we have identified the target market, we should tailor the message to emphasize the factors they will consider important when they make their purchase decision.
Be sure to communicate all the unique selling points of your property, such as the unique neighborhood lifestyle, distance to major highways, proximity to local eateries and shops and distance to major attractions.

For instance, young families will likely be interested in schools or easy access to day-to-day living conveniences, whereas elderly retired couples will properties close to health services and quiet surroundings. Make sure you highlight these details in your property brochures and website to make your property development more appealing.

Need help with designing intriguing property brochures or property websites that deliver your unique selling points to desired customers? Talk to a design and marketing agency like Desketing!

#2 Keep an eye on the latest property trends

Oversupply of Brisbane apartments

The number of apartments built in Brisbane has been increasing over the past few years, which may lead to potential oversupply problems. Property development projects may not proceed to the construction stage, given the emerging oversupply in the property market, which may have an impact on the property developers’ resources. In addition, the price of the unit will likely decrease, leaving less margin to make in the future.

A great way to make your property development stand out is to conduct thorough market research. Identify where the opportunities are and avoid potential pitfalls. This involves a careful SWOT analysis to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats internally on the property development.

Good market research provides you with the information you need to attract your customers. For example, the market research might indicate that certain areas are favored by Chinese buyers. This is an opportunity to use Mandarin property brochures and Mandarin real estate websites to attract Chinese buyers to your property development. In addition, market research might show that there is a major government infrastructure development coming up in the area, which you can then use as a selling point to attract more customers.


Due to the skyrocketing real estate prices in Australia, young Australians have begun to favor “Rentvesting”. Rentvesting is seen where people will rent and live in a property that they can’t afford to buy but in the meantime, they will invest and purchase property to rent out to other people.

For example, a young couple who work in the city will decide to rent a city apartment and choose the rentvesting solution to buy a property in the outer suburbs where prices are more affordable. They can then rent the property they bought to help cover their own rent and later use the property for equity or sell it for a capital gain.

In order to respond immediately to any property trends, make sure you manage your customer database effectively. You can react to trends cleverly by sending tailored messages to the selected demographic. In this case, sending marketing material to people interested in investment properties can be an effective communication strategy.

Need help with identifying the latest property trends or marketing to your customer database? Engage with an experienced real estate marketing agency such as Desketing to help!

#3 Integrate digital marketing into your property marketing plan

Besides traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio, and billboards, you can also promote your property development by maximising the potential of digital marketing. Digital marketing offers measurable data that provides you with more insights:

  • You can know where your leads and sales are coming from.
  • Effective calculate your ROI (return on investment) from digital marketing campaigns.

With the transparent data across your digital marketing efforts, you can now use different testing methods to improve your cost per lead and cost per sale, meaning getting more sales and reach at a lower price.

So, what are some other benefits digital marketing can provide for property developers?

Select customers you wish to target

For example, you can target people living in a specific suburb, shown an interest in property investment before or even with their employment level.

Once the target customer is selected, you can acquire real-time data that tells you information such as how many of them click on your advertising, visit your real estate website, and the amount of time they spent on your page.

Bringing customers back to you

Since not everyone is ready to buy or enquire about a property when they land on your property website, they can still be your potential leads in the future. Retargeting is a smart marketing strategy that allows your ad to appear on the page your potential customers are searching. The strength of this method is that it shows the ads to the ones that have already shown interest in your property development, so you know you’re spending your real estate marketing budget effectively.
When your potential customer is ready, the retargeting campaign takes your customer back to your real estate website so that they can further get in touch with your company.

Keep your customers engaged

Since different customers favor different property projects, a property developer can use direct marketing such as e-mails to contact them about future property developments that will suit their needs.

Provide value and build a relationship with potential leads through content marketing. Regularly keep leads informed and engaged with useful and intriguing blog links from your property website with topics like “Potential Investment Areas in Brisbane” or “What are the Invisible Traps of Investing in Property”. Try to see things from customers’ point of view and satisfy what they want.

Want to take your property development business to the next level through digital marketing campaign? Contact Desketing to discuss your next property development!

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Sanctuary at Calamvale is a stunning new property development in Brisbane’s south west, located in the suburb of Calamvale. Sanctuary at Calamvale features high quality, three bedroom townhomes designed for modern living. With premium kitchen appliances, stone benchtops, private terrace and courtyard and options for a carport or garage, an amazing opportunity you can’t miss.

Desketing had the pleasure of developing the marketing collateral and website which has just launched live. Check it out at . Brisbane’s property market is still booming, If you are looking for cutting edge marketing that is right on point call Desketing today on 07 3220 3962.

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