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6 Essentials For Marketing Campaign Success

6 Essentials For Marketing Campaign Success Marketing campaigns or as we like to call it Masign (Marketing + Design) is essential for business growth and for promoting your services and products to your customers. Essentially marketing campaigns are planned promotional activities designed to promote products and services delivered through a range of channels to deliver […]

5 Tips to Buff Up your Email Marketing Campaigns

  The Beauty of Email Marketing Email marketing is a key tactic in most marketing plans because it works. It also has a larger reach compared to social media channels.1,5 You may not have a Twitter or Instagram account, but chances are quite high you have an email account – unless you absolutely do not have an […]

Why You Should SEO

Why SEO? If I was an accountant, I would tell you SEO is a business expense. Now, If I swop on my Digital Marketer hat, I would tell you, SEO is really an investment, an asset and not an expense. It is the smart and logical thing to do in this day and age, considering […]

Marketing Strategies for Professional Services-based Firms

How would you market your business if you don’t sell tangible or physical products? In this week’s 3-minute read, we share some tips, to set you thinking about the direction and concepts you want to consider when coming up with marketing plans for your professional services-based business.   1. Business Position, Target Markets, Business Solutions To […]

Why Customer Experience (CX) Matters

Customer experience or CX has always been central to building a brand and the business. The increasing prevalence of digital, mobile and ease of information accessibility has altered this landscape. It has influenced how we develop, manage and monitor CX. This landscape shift was significant enough, to spur big agency Saatchi & Saatchi to acquire […]

World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day since August 2010, to celebrate photography. The aim is to inspire everyone to share their world through their photographs. It falls on August 19th because on this day in 1839, the French Academy of Sciences shared with the world the daguerreotype photographic technique. It was the first of its kind. Desketing celebrates World Photography Day […]