What is branding building in property?

“Brand” (n.) – the kind, grade, ownership, or make of a product or service.

Branding is everything, yes, EVERYTHING. From your tagline, your messaging, your signage, to the interior design of your office, your employees’ uniform, and your customer service – they all represent a brand identity that embodies the core value of your business. Essentially, your brand gives out the first and the most impactful impression.

Old-fashion property branding is about selling the PRODUCT. Yet, due to the increase in dynamic needs from customers, property branding now is about selling the LIFESTYLE. It is about promoting what home buyers are dreaming about and showcasing how enjoyable it is to live in the property.

If you are hesitating to put the effort on brand building, we’re here to convince you:

#1 – The power of customer psychology

When you think about it – branding are perceptions, they are emotive. A positive and strong branding strategy introduces the framing effect to provide positive connotations to the brand image. Specially in property development, you are selling a lifestyle along with a home. When people engage with the core values, they are more likely to pay a premium price for it.

# 2 – Generating trust and brand loyalty

A good property brand communicates a clear sense of the core values that could resonate with the right clients. The brand resonance built from clear brand identity gives customers the correct perception of the brand. Customers know that this brand fulfils their needs, and thus, the trust and loyalty are founded. Brand-loyal buyers are more likely to recommend your service to others as well.

#3 – Establishing consistency in marketing

Without a doubt, the sales and profits still depend heavily on the quality of the product; Yet, marketing matters, and mostly important, consistency in marketing sells. A well-established property brand tells the whole story and connects every customer touchpoint. From brand awareness to purchase decision, by establishing a consistent brand identity and personality around your property, it easily creates an emotional connection between you and your customers.

Deciding a suitable tagline and designing a memorable logo takes huge amount of effort; However, the branding is influential in a long term. A good brand won’t develop overnight, but you can start working on it immediately!

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