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We’re a Brisbane-based marketing agency with experts in digital marketing, graphic design and web development and much more.

Desketing is a full-service results-focused design and marketing agency. We use clever design and tailored marketing strategies and campaigns to help businesses achieve more leads, more revenue and more business.

Our Process

Our process of Think, Solve and Innovate is a wholly integrated approach to design and marketing to focus on your business goals and deliver results.


We take the time to learn about your business and what you want to achieve. Our Think process includes understanding where your business is now and where you want to go.


Leveraging on our design and marketing expertise, we create and strategize based on on your business goals and the project direction.


What if we did this? We collaborate with you to discover how new technologies or ideas can be applied to deliver results and business growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be your Go-To Media and Marketing Strategist for today’s world.

We carefully blend traditional concepts with new-to-market ideas to generate the one thing of true value to your business: sales.

Our agile attitude, commitment to quality and our overarching ambitions deliver ideas, solutions and results that continue to set us apart and drive us to become experts within our industry.

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Our Story

It started with a demand for results-driven marketing.

Since 2006 Desketing’s design and marketing agency has been helping business owners in Brisbane and across the rest of Australia promote their products and services with results-driven marketing.

Founder and Director, Dale Ku, formed Desketing to meet his vision for a modern, solutions-focused marketing and design business.

In particular, he wanted to avoid two common problems in the marketing industry: resistance to new and emerging channels, and a focus on “the creative” at the expense of results.

So Dale founded Desketing – a Brisbane marketing agency where marketing, design, and web and communication technologies are melded together to effectively market products and services, with a focus on achieving practical and quantifiable results.

A Marketing agency that solves problems

At Desketing, we identify creative solutions to solve your business’s problems.

Whether you want to launch a new business or take your existing business to a new level, we can help. Our Brisbane-based team develops marketing campaigns and promotions that utilize traditional and innovative marketing channels to bring more customers through your doors and increase your revenue.

We don’t believe there’s a product, service, or idea that cannot be sold. You just haven’t found the right way to sell it yet. We find that right way and leverage it to full effect.

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