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Psychological Marketing for your Brand

  Psychological Marketing for your Brand Psychological Marketing is based on how customers think, feel, reason and select between different product and services. Different psychological factors influence how and why specific customers purchase certain goods. So why would you choose to build a strategy based on the psychological needs of your customers? Well, when we […]


7 Things to Include Before Building a New Website

7 Things to Include Before Building a New Website If you’re sitting in front of your website and thinking that it’s probably about time to give your website a much needed redesign, then you’re not alone. There are plenty of businesses that designed their website initially without putting too much thought into the customer experience […]


6 Hot Trends In Hospitality Marketing

A solid marketing strategy is critical when attracting new customers, loyalty, and branding for any industry. The hospitality industry is no exception. Desketing knows it is important to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends to help drive results by using clever design and strategic marketing tactics so we’ve decided to give you some […]

Small Business Digital Grants Program

The Tips You Need to Know Before Applying for the QLD Digital Grant! Did you know that Queensland Small Businesses can apply for the Small Business Digital Grants Program? This Digital Grant Program offers matched funding of up to $10,000 from the Queensland Government to help assist eligible Small Businesses access much needed digital technologies. […]

3 Tips to Effectively Use Social Media

Social media is present in everyone’s day to day life whether it be a personal account or a company’s platform to communicate with their clients. The team here at Desketing would like to know is, are you using these platforms correctly? Do you understand how your posts reflect on your business? The problem with social […]

7 Tips for Results-Driven and Effective Franchise Marketing

Behind every great franchise brand, is one key element and that is the power of marketing to support it. Franchise Marketing is no easy feat. For franchisors and franchisees, it takes a level of dedication, passion and vision to strengthen the brand and see yearly profitability. So why do some franchises flourish and others fail? […]

3 Digital Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Small Business

Paying attention to new trends and emerging channels are always critical for effective marketing. Although you might feel confident in your small business’s current techniques and marketing strategies, you should always be aware of what’s coming next so you can stay ahead of the competition. To keep your small business successful, here are three digital […]