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Desketing provides an extensive range of Healthcare marketing and Medical Marketing services that covers all promotional needs in any specialty fields.

Let our team bringing your current Healthcare marketing and Medical Marketing strategy to the highest level.


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Medical Referral Marketing

Develop and maintain a solid referrer base to develop a professional image.

Desketing Healthcare Marketing experts are here to build and strengthen the cornerstone of your business – the referrals. We customise your referral marketing so that it builds stronger referrers relationships.

Medical Websites

Functional and well-designed websites gain the best first impressions. 

Desketing knows what the medical professionals need, and therefore, presents the best web design for your healthcare practice. Connect with your audience through responsive, conversion-driven websites.

Medical Professionals Event

Events that build appropriate and professional social networks to connect with your referrers. 

Desketing Healthcare Marketing team is here to provide a system that builds professional connections between you, referrers, and other healthcare specialists. We make sure your brand is well represented in the industry.

Photography & Video Production

Professional photography and videography establish a better connection with your audience. 

An image of a doctor is worth a thousand words. Professional portrait photography of yourself and well-editing operative videos is the best way to showcase expertise.

Medical Digital Marketing

Digital platforms are now becoming the new place that customers go to have their questions answered. 

Desketing helps your practice take advantage of the digital space on social channels and search engines and make it count, target the correct audience group, personalise your online presence on their platforms, and ultimately, bring in quality leads.

Medical Graphic Design

Captivate your audience with appealing yet professional designs.

Desketing works to create impactful experiences for customers through clean, intelligent, yet eye-catching design. Whether it is through a poster, flyers, logo re-brand or digital content, we’ve got you covered.

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