5 Marketing Tips To Improve Your Healthcare Business


Are you one of the medical practices that keep lusting after more referrals and dropping prices only to boost sales and gain patients? Have you ever wondered if there are other ways to advance your medical business in the long term?

Look no further – here are five fresh tips to help you grow your medical healthcare business.

#1. Good Branding Matters

The cornerstone of any successful business – is a distinctive and recognisable branding that stands out from your competitors. A good brand identity is the most immediate way you have of expressing your distinctiveness. It tells your customers how different you are (see examples here). Good branding of a comfy and stress-free clinic gives you the power to identify yourself as the unique shape that stands the test of time and instils trust in customers’ minds.

#2. Make New Connections

Referrals from other healthcare professionals are the most powerful marketing tool in the medical industry. In no doubt, it helps acquire potential customers and further strengthen the brand image. Therefore, it is vital to building good connections with the healthcare professionals in your community. Attending medical and healthcare networking events helps put your reputation out in the marketing, and even so, hosting your own educational healthcare networking nights allows the building of quality connections with other professionals.

#3. Improve the Patient Journey

An impression of medical practice is firstly represented by a mature booking system. Establishing an all-in-one medical booking system that integrates into your website or clinic software can be translated into a seamless online experience for patients looking to answer a question or book an appointment. A mature internal medical system reduces the potential frustration of booking, acts as a powerful communication channel, and effectively shapes patient satisfaction.

#4. Showcase Your Expertise

Your website is the interface of your whole business. The patient journey does not stop at the booking system – it carries on to a well-designed, premium website optimised for conversion, which helps communicate your professional knowledge to the community. Your unique insights on healthcare topics can be showcased in the forms of webinars, case studies, blog posts, videos, infographics, and patient stories on a tailored website (see examples here).

#5. Use the Power of Graphics

An image of a doctor is worth a thousand words. Content is key in medical marketing. Not just any content – visual and graphic storytelling is king. Professional photography and videography convey the message of trustworthiness. Nothing says more than a real-life photo or video of your specialists and experts; most importantly, a direct demonstration is a compelling way to connect with customers on a deeply human level.

Times have changed – in a big way. In the past, patients had little choice in which medical practices they visited. Yet, as all have realised, the balance of influence in the healthcare brand-consumer relationship has swung to the consumer. Fortunately, there is no shortage of ways to deliver the best medical marketing strategy; therefore, it is essential to remain open to changes to stand out.

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