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Psychological Marketing for your Brand

Psychological Marketing is based on how customers think, feel, reason and select between different product and services. Different psychological factors influence how and why specific customers purchase certain goods. So why would you choose to build a strategy based on the psychological needs of your customers? Well, when we combine Marketing Strategy and Psychological Marketing, a business can expect higher profits and sales. This is the essence of how you can create emotional feedback or responses from your audience, also known as an emotional appeal.

Through emotional appeals, you are able to connect and relate to your customer by using a variety of methods. Harvard Business Review recently published an article that identifies common high-impact emotional motivators. These motivators, listed below, can be used to build a strategy that will make your brand stand out.

1. The Feeling of Importance to Create Urgency for Your Customer

Firstly, remembering that all your customers want to feel important and special. By promoting exclusivity based on an individual’s self-esteem can go a long way. Promoting your product or brand’s exclusively is a way that essentially creates desire and urgency. Introducing wait lists, loyalty programs and setting time limits are ways to create urgency.

2. Your Customer’s Ideal Self

Secondly, by marketing your brand based on your customer’s ideal self is another emotional tool that can be used to create a more effective strategy. Every person has a perception of an ideal self. Depending on your audience, you can use this tool to make individuals buy a certain product based on what they strive to be. For example, when owning a fitness collection, it is likely that a business will promote their brand through the use of fit and healthy models. This fulfills a desire for ongoing self-improvement and essentially, they believe that when purchasing your brand, they will be able to live up to their ideal self-image.

3. Enjoying a Sense of Well-Being

Enjoying a sense of well-being signifies that no individual enjoys the feeling of stress. By creating a marketing strategy that promotes your product or services in a way that will reduce a person’s stress, can make people feel like everything is under control. Being in a state that reduces conflicts or stress can create balance and the feeling that life measures up to society’s expectations.

4. Socially Conscious Customer

Nowadays, individuals are growing more environmentally conscious. By knowing that we are now living in a more socially aware society, you can use this to formulate your marketing strategy. Targeting towards your audiences’ beliefs and values, individuals will feel a connection to your brand and as a result, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.

5. Appreciating and Valuing Your Customer’s Diversity

As said previously, customers want to feel special. Providing a variety of choices can help your customer express themselves in a way that they feel unique. Appreciating that your brand projects a unique social identity, your customers will essentially feel like they can stand out from the crowd. Purchasing a product that is catered to the specific needs of an individual, can also increase brand loyalty. Essentially, feeling an emotional connection to a brand guarantees that your customer will be more loyal to your brand.

Psychological appeals are more effective than basing your strategy on functions. Although the function of your product or brand is important, it can be seen that basing your strategy solemnly on this is not enough to convince your customer. Essentially, implementing these emotional appeals will ensure that your marketing strategy is convincing to your customer.


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