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6 Essentials For Marketing Campaign Success

Marketing campaigns or as we like to call it Masign (Marketing + Design) is essential for business growth and for promoting your services and products to your customers. Essentially marketing campaigns are planned promotional activities designed to promote products and services delivered through a range of channels to deliver results.

Successful marketing campaigns are able to elevate your business to the next level by incorporating marketing strategy alongside design prowess. Our Masign Marketing Campaigns incorporate a range of sophisticated tools, comprehensive planning and research to ensure that results are achieved.

In this blog we’ll cover the 6 essentials for driving a successful marketing campaign.

#1 Set Your Campaign Goals

The first step of delivering a successful campaign is developing and setting your campaign goals. Your campaign goals are the overarching key performance areas of your marketing plan. This may including driving traffic to your website, increasing online sales or increasing your average customer spend. Aligning your campaign to your goals is critical as it provides focus for each campaign to help you deliver results.

#2 Understand your audience

Define your customer audience into segments will help you deliver strategic campaigns that connect stronger with your customers. Defining customer segments can be based on either behavioural or demographic elements. For example you may want to separate your customers based on their purchase behaviour and target customers that rarely visit your business to encourage them to engage with your business. Alternatively you could target customers dependent on their residential status, perhaps a letterbox or and a digital campaign targeting customers located within a 10km radius to your business.

#3 Personalisation matters

In a crowded room, personalisation is an excellent way to break through the noise of all the marketing messages being sent to customers. Through personalisation, you can increase your click through rate and open rate through emails, thus by ensuring that your key marketing messages are being delivered.

#4 Innovative Campaign Strategies

Stepping out of the box and delivering campaigns that are different from your competitors is not only critical but equally difficult for the ill-prepared. Utilise your customer data to better understand their behaviour, their interests and what makes them tick to best communicate with them. Taking a sales focused approach may work during big sales periods such as Black Friday or Christmas, but your campaign planning should also include campaigns that build your brand and focus on elements that builds customers loyalty and brand trust. Delivered through a multi-channel strategy, you’ll see results in no time.

#5 Multi-Channel Centric Planning

Mobile, Edms (email marketing), website, brochures, posters, social media, direct mail are just some of the channels that could be implemented as part of your campaign strategy. Map your plan around which channels to utilise to ensure great results. Significant amount of planning goes behind ensuring the the messaging is consistent and making sure that they are all scheduled in to communicate effectively.

#6 Schedule Your Campaigns

Planning is the critical element of Masign (Marketing Campaigns), without it none the above points would be effective. Map out each campaign aligned with your key goals to a definitive timeline that both provides you flexibility to make changes and keeps everyone in the loop as to what the campaign is about. The time and resources it takes for each marketing campaign is so important, that its essential that deadline management is adhered to to ensure an effective and successful campaign.


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