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Social media is present in everyone’s day to day life whether it be a personal account or a company’s platform to communicate with their clients. The team here at Desketing would like to know is, are you using these platforms correctly? Do you understand how your posts reflect on your business?

The problem with social media is that everyone has it but not everybody knows how to use it effectively. These problems are common when little thought goes into the social media posts and can negatively impact the perception of your company’s brand or confuse your customers.

Now you’re probably thinking “wait, am I posting engaging content or am I communicating the wrong brand messages?” Don’t worry! We have three hot tips to help create a successful social media post.

Tip #1 Keep your posts relevant to your branding and key messages!

One of the most important parts of having an online presence is to communicate effectively and create an appropriate image of your company. Branding is a vital part of your company and this should be present in every post uploaded. Posts online are an easy way of connecting with the target market and as a result, building your company image. Check out The Brilliant Brand Checklist to give you some tips on how to set the tone of creating a valuable and memorable brand.

Tip: If your company is ‘young, fun and hip’, then it’s vital that you’re using the same tone of language on your social media.

Tip #2 Plan your Social Media posts

Know exactly what you want to say, before typing away at your keys. Having a social media plan of what the company wants to communicate is always a must. It helps you stick to a relevant brand message, guides your branding and ensures that you’re providing value to your social media followers.

Tip: Plan your Social Media Marketing plan, schedule posts before time and be prepared.

Tip #3 Treat all your Social Media Platforms Equally!

A mistake businesses often make is favoring one platform over another or having too many social media accounts. Choose a few social platforms that work best for your business and ensure that you’re actively posting on each platform. Communicate in the same tone and manner to stand with your branding.

Tip: Know the target audience and keep the branding of your posts in sync overall social media platforms.

Good and Bad Social Media Examples

Below are some examples of how you can make a positive change on your Social Media Platforms.

What not to do:

Spam is not anyone’s friend so when posting on social media you do not want to sound like a robot trying to sell something with every post.

What to do:

Break your content up, engage with the consumer rather than continuously send them advertisements. Example of this would be when an online shop re-posts a consumers photo when tagged by the consumer. This breaks up the advertisement, engages with the customer and allows the social media posts to become relatable.

What not to do:

Becoming an inactive account by not posting frequently. Your followers and consumers will eventually stop being interested and this will result in less page activity and customer engagement…

What to do:

Publish what is happening within the company. Get people involved and stay active in your accounts. Having an event? Promote it. Decided to dress up for Halloween? Tell everyone and post pictures. New products? Show sneak peaks! Get your consumers interested.

Now that you have some ideas of how to create a successful social media plan, but you’re looking for a good social media strategy, please contact us here at Desketing for a free quote.

You can speak to a Desketing design and marketing specialist by calling 07 3220 3962 or request a callback.

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