Why Branding is the Most Important Business Decision You'll Make in 2018

Branding is the second most important part of your company (after your product or service, of course!). Professional branding makes you look reliable, appeals to your market demographic and helps you sell. If you haven’t nailed your branding yet, we suggest you make it your aim for 2018. To help you get started, we’ve got our top 4 ways to nail your branding.

#1 Define your niche

This is possibly the most efficient way you can improve your branding. If you offer too many products or services, you position yourself as a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, and no one wants that kind of service. When customers are searching for a business or product, they want the very best – the experts. It’s best to choose one, or a few, niches that your company does exceptionally well. This way you can be seen as the specialist and focus your marketing content, share some of your knowledge and speak directly to your target market. You’ll find by choosing a specific target market and building a brand to attract them, you’ll yield better results because you’ll attract the right kind of clients and customers – those that you love to work with.

At Desketing we practice what we preach. As a brand, we intentionally focus on three niches: Property, Retail and Hospitality. There are plenty of other industries we that we serve, however, we made a decision to work focus on industries we excel in. There are other marketing companies similar to us that focus on other niches. For example, Industrial Ideas from Melbourne focus purely on industrial marketing.

#2 Stand out

When you are looking to establish a brand, think outside the box. You might think that playing it safe is the best way to appeal to a mass market but actually, you run the risk of looking like a ‘me too’ brand. If you’ve followed step one, you’ll have chosen a niche demographic, so you can establish your unique identity that represents your business well and attracts the right kind of customers.You’ll also find you attract more referrals too because your customers likely hang out with other people just like them that are also a good fit for your brand.

#3 Be cohesive

This is a biggy: be cohesive across all platforms. One of the best ways to get your brand out there is to use social media. It’s likely you already have a Facebook page for your business along with other social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and a Pinterest, but are you using them cohesively? Take some time to make them all look and sound consistent so people understand who you are as a brand and what you stand for. Use your branding colours, logo and imagery consistently across your social media accounts and write in the same tone.

4. Use social media right

While we’re on the topic of social media, make sure you are using it right. Once you’ve got your target market set you can start personalising your posts to appeal directly to them. You can be fun, playful or more serious – whatever works for you as a brand! Just make sure that you are offering fresh, interesting content and interacting with potential customers. No one wants to follow pages that are all sales pitches and ads!

So there you have it, 4 ways to take your brand to the next level on 2018. You’ll notice there’s a theme going on: finding your brand niche! It really is an important step so if you only take away one thing from this article, let it be that! Here is the Brilliant Brand Checklist that will also help you get started.

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