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Create a memorable brand that differentiates your brand from your competitors. A brilliant brand encourages customer loyalty and in turn, creates the magic that is word of mouth advertising.

So, what does it take to develop a lasting brand? Creating a brand is more complex than simply redesigning a logo. It’s about creating a brand identity and having an effective brand strategy in place. We’ve identified 11 elements of a brilliant brand to help set you on the right path to grow loyal brand followers.

1. What Does My Brand Do Best?

A successful brand is a brand that successfully communicates a reason to inspire your customers to connect with you. Stand out from your competitors by identifying the purpose of your brand and what your brand does better than anyone else.

2. Could I Improve My Brand Identity?

A truly memorable brand has a unique and professional representation of their business. Brand identity consists of a primary logo, secondary logo, simple colour palette and fonts. It’s important that these elements match your audience’s perception of your brand and reflect the personality of your brand.

3. What is the Perception of My Brand?

Don’t ignore the way customers perceive your brand or how they associate your brand. If you want to project a brand that is desirable and trustworthy, it’s vital that your business delivers on its branding promises. If those perceptions or associations are negative, it may be time to review your customer service strategy or how processes are run. Make sure that every interaction (both face to face and online) is a memorable and positive experience. Don’t make it hard for customers to purchase products or services from your business.

4.  When is My Brand More Than Just a Name?

Think about your favourite brands and then think about the feelings that you have for them. Are they personable, fun, exciting, knowledgeable or innovative? Develop a brilliant brand by identifying the qualities, values and customer experiences associated with your business.

5. Are My Staff On Board?

Building a credible brand, means training, educating and involving your staff so that they have a clear understanding of your brand values. Your front-line staff are crucial because they are very much the face of your brand. It’s important that you have their co-operation and their support if you want your branding to be effective

6.  Is My Brand Visually Effective?

Give your brand a personality, but also make sure that it visually matches your identity. For example if your brand is cheerful and fun, choose visuals that are engaging and colourful. Review your marketing collateral such as brochures/flyers, business cards, website, signage, social media and posters and make sure that it is consistent with your brand personality, brand identity and key messages.  If you need support in this area, get in contact with a design team that can help you.

7.  Am I Consistent With My Brand Messages?

Create trust by being consistent with your brand messages. Create a set of consistent brand messages that focus on the qualities, values and experiences that customers associate with your business, its products and services. Keep these simple and easy to communicate.

8. Do I have Stories to Tell About My Brand?

People genuinely love stories. Make your brand memorable by sharing those stories and communicating them through your staff and marketing materials. Giving your customer’s insight to your business, shapes how they view your brand and also encourages customer loyalty.

9. Do I know How to Launch My Brand & Generate Brand Awareness?

It’s time to attract customers and to tell them about your brand. Make sure that you allocate time and budget to launch your branding. We can help you launch on a small scale or make a huge impact depending on your target audience. Consider your budget whether you want to include local mail drop leaflets, social media campaign, digital advertising, email marketing and or public relations.

10.  Do I Have a Plan In Place to Communicate My Brand?

Don’t let your customers forget your Brand. Keep your brand front and center by developing a communications plan or promotional schedule to help you sell your products and services. An effective 12 months communications plan will help you generate leads, build rapport, drive traffic to your website or business and convert sales.

11. Do I Reward My Customers for Their Loyalty?

Loyal customers are the final objective of developing a brilliant brand. As your brand reputation grows so will your database of loyal customers that continue to return and act as your brand cheerleaders (learn about converting customers into brand ambassadors). Show your appreciation and encourage your customers to share your brand with others by putting in place a loyalty and or rewards program. A loyalty program with rewards and gifts is a great way to boost your reputation as a brilliant brand and also to keep your customers coming back.

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