20th June, 2019

6:00pm Start 9:00pm Finish

Fishburners Brisbane

155 Queen Street
#Level 2

Demystifying Aritificial Intelligence for Businesses: Why businesses need to consider having an AI strategy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big buzzword, likened to be the catalyst to the 4th Industrial revolution just simply because of its profound way to change people’s lives and our way of living.

So AI is real, but how real? How does all this matter to a business like yours?

Join us for our next Networking Connexion event as we discuss what Artificial Intelligence (AI) can mean for your business. Artificial intelligence, in reality, is already part of our lives. Businesses large or small, are considering AI to solve real business issues. As a result, the way businesses are run, has and will change dramatically.

The high-speed growth of AI increases the likeliness of not only large but small businesses embracing the technology earlier than expected. AI can increase operational efficiencies while allowing business owners to make faster and more informed decisions.

We will be exploring what businesses, both small medium and large are doing with AI today here in Brisbane. This will be a tech but non-tech ‘speak’ for business owners, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to discover the relevance of AI in your business today.

Our Networking Connexions event will be led by Karen Ng who is an Associate Director of Business Services and Taxation at Prosperity. She has over 18 years’ experience in business advisory and is passionate in remaining relevant in order to advise her clients of strategies for their businesses for the future.

Karen will be discussing the growing impact of Artificial Intelligence on businesses and why considering AI for your business can be beneficial.

Also adding to the discussion will be Jason Lowe, from Oracle, Phil Johnson from Tanda, and Andrew Hirst from Xero, sharing what they are seeing with AI in their companies and with their business clients. A fireside discussion will follow to uncover what is possible for businesses and AI today.

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