April 18, 2019

2:30pm Start 4:30pm Finish

Fishburners Brisbane

155 Queen Street
#Level 3

How to become a paid social media influencer

Join Networking Connexions as we explore influencer marketing and how partnering with an influencer opens your business to never-before explored venues.

In recent years, brands have been using “social media influencers” to endorse and promote the brands, services, and products on their social media platforms in order to create viral conversations about the brand online.

So what is a social media influencer?

Influencers are fitness gurus, gaming addicts, beauty bloggers, fashionistas and opinion leaders within their chosen industry. They are people that have amassed thousands of followers and established credibility to garner huge access to an audience and the ability to persuade others based on their recommendations.

As a business, how do you decide on choosing an influencer and how much to pay? And as an influencer, how do you curate your content for brands and monetize your brand successfully?

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The free event includes casual networking, round the room introductions and nibbles.

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