17 MAY, 2018

3:00pm Start  4:30pm Finish

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Level 3, 155 Queent Street, Brisbane City

How To Build A Saleable  Business

Networking Connexions Event

Networking Connexions is hosting our next free business event with guest speaker Guy Rasmussen from Whole Wealth to discuss the important steps to make your business more saleable.  Guy has overseen the sale and acquisition of dozens of businesses including medical practices, financial services business, retailers and many more.

First step to making your business more saleable is knowing how to be prepared! Come to our free event to learn how to prepare your business for the next step!  Any Business owner who is looking to eventually sell their business needs to understand to increase their businesses value in the eyes of the seller.

What to Expect:
Throughout this Networking Connexions event, key questions will be answered about how to build a saleable business!

– How is your business valued?
– How to increase the value drivers in your business?
– What are the top mistakes business owners should avoid?
– How to get the best price when selling?

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