19 APRIL, 2018

3:00pm Start  4:30pm Finish

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Level 3, 155 Queent Street, Brisbane City

How to Operate Your Business Smarter
in the Cloud

Networking Connexions Event

With ever-changing technology, business is always changing too.  Gone are the days of drowning in piles of paperwork and here are the days of focusing on what’s important.  Technology such as the cloud has changed the way businesses can process their accounting needs.

Come to our next Networking Connections event to find out how to stop wasting valuable time and effort stuck amongst piles of paper and learn how to operate your business smarter in the cloud.

What to expect: 
For this Networking event, our presenter Karen will be discussing how programs such as Xero have been developed specifically for business people, not accountants.  Explanation of how  Xero automates common activities and saves you valuable time and money.

Can you imagine?

  • GST taking hours, not days
  • Bank reconcilliations finished in 5 minutes
  • Virtually automate billing and collections
  • Fast and efficient invoicing

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