August 2nd, 2018

3:00pm Start  4:30pm Finish

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Level 3, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane City

Make Dynamic Business Connections

Looking forward to evolving your business? Our Networking Connexions group welcomes you to an afternoon business discussion where our experienced business directors will facilitate a discussion of commonly faced business issues and will workshop solutions for these challenges.

Business owners and directors will benefit from the event by sharing their own experiences and meeting and interacting with business owners and directors from a wide network of industries including accounting, design, marketing, IT and so much more.

During the event you can:

Discuss key business issues

Introduce your business to decision makers across different industries

Network with experienced business directors and tap into their experience knowledge to grow your business

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ABOUT Networking Connexions

A community of successful business professionals who support one another through education, referrals, and networking.

Networking Connexions is a member-run group where no individuals “own” Networking Connexions. Members benefit by meeting experts in different industries, which allows each member to exchange great ideas and build long-term relationships that lead to potential future business success.

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